My Recovery was aided with medical marijuana

Thankfully our state had the good sense to allow for medical marijuana. I’m not sure that the hopes of legalized recreational marijuana are easily all that likely. But I’m lucky to be able to access a cannabis dispensary in order to get our medicinal cannabis. I’m rather particular about the cannabis products that I want, our reclaimy would not be going well. I was damaged in a fall at work. The fall off the roof was pretty exhausting and tore ligaments in both knees. But it’s our lower back that required the most surgery and has needed the most in healing as well. At first, I just couldn’t do anything at all when it came to physical therapy. It got so exhausting that I was popping pain pills before and after the therapy appointments. While it helped with the pain, I wasn’t getting the most out of the physical therapy. And frankly speaking, those pain pills were moving me toward dependency. That’s so not a road that I wanted any section of. A lady in the same therapy locale where I go told me to consider medical marijuana. She was a lower back patient as well and went through a similar stage with narcotics to endure the PT. But she found that medicinal marijuana both managed the pain while keeping her focused on healing. The range of motion for her exercise was significantly improved with the cannabis products. That was enough for me and I got some access to the local cannabis spot. I haven’t looked back since.



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Started over at the cannabis dispensary

When the dust had finally settled, I took a deep breath and realized that it was time for a total reset of our life.

Despite our best intentions and sizable effort, our life just went straight in the crapper.

And I could see it coming for months. As I enjoy purple haze from our modern local cannabis spot, I reflect on what enormous changes the last 18 weeks have brought. Now, I live in a state where recreational marijuana and medicinal cannabis are freely sold in state sanctioned cannabis dispensaries. I didn’t exactly want it that way however I’m pretty satisfied to be able to legally shop for marijuana on sale now. This town just happens to be where I found our next job in order to just have an easy and fun way to start over. I lost our partner, our last remaining parent and our job in a fifteen month period. I also got the bonus of having very treatable cancer just before that. That’s where I got onto medicinal cannabis. The state I just moved from has legal medicinal cannabis for people enjoy me. It helped tremendously with the treatments. But the medical cannabis products also easily helped with staying positive and hopeful when it appeared everything was falling to pieces. But when I found myself sort of realizing that I had the opportunity to begin any sort of life that I wanted, I entirely relished the thought. Then when I got this modern job and moved to a smaller locale that I could entirely have a local cannabis spot, I knew I was on the right path!


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Feeling a little better with help from marijuana

For over a decade, it seemed as if our trajectory was a single of a slow, stressful spiral to the bottom.

The bottom of what, I can’t say.

But it scared me something fierce to consider what that bottom was. Working was too hard, our partner left me for someone else and I easily just felt completely unconnected. That was until I forced myself to accept an invite to the cannabis cafe. My coworker Max who was just such a nice lady had sort of reached out on a couple of occasions. But with our marriage collapsing and the fact that all of us worked for the same corporation, I was hesitant. Then, I got a text and a picture of the neatest and most charming spot a single could imagine for a cannabis cafe. It was right around the corner from the local cannabis spot. While I had tried cannabis products a few times in our life, I wasn’t what you’d call a recreational marijuana user per se. But there was something so dear about Max’s effort to share a moment of bliss and joy with me. Max didn’t have to do that since she knew that I was struggling and might be a drag. So I went with Max to the cannabis cafe and ended up feeling what smiling was enjoy again. That was such a superb morning. It also made me remember how balancing cannabis products can be great for our head and heart. That won’t be the last time I’m at the cannabis cafe or the local cannabis spot for that matter. And it very won’t be the last time I ask Max to join me this time.

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High school reunion after the cannabis dispensary

I can remember Dani going to enjoy her high school reunion and having a blast.

Of course, at the time, I thought that it was just so lame given she was almost 58 years old. But Dani had a blast and for some reason that memory stayed with me when I got our invite to our 40th. After a trip to the local cannabis spot, that reunion was as good or better than Dani’s. It just had to be because I don’t believe that I’ve laughed that difficult or had that much fun in a long time. My old state now has recreational marijuana and medical cannabis for sale legally. Anyone of legal age can simply walk into the cannabis dispensary and shop for marijuana for sale. I still can’t get past it. When I was living there, the last time being in university, just finding any weed at all was a chore. I have loved recreational marijuana off and on for years. So since I was going to a locale where it was totally legal, I thought stopping off at the local cannabis spot might be just the ticket. Well, it turned out to be far more than I expected. I purchased several cannabis products on that shopping trip to the local cannabis store. But I’m easily cheerful that I purchased all those tasty edibles. I ended up sharing some with a few of our outdated friends during the reunion and it was simply the best. It was so absurd to be hanging out with these people whom I hadn’t even seen in nearly twenty years. And yet, sharing an edible was enjoyable lighting a fuse for fun.



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A discovery at the local cannabis spot

When I retired I did more than just leave the biz I spent our adult life building.

  • Once that chapter of our life was over, I decided I wanted to reinvent our whole life.

But I have to say I was surprised at how much I loved smoking cannabis and cannabis products. Prior to retirement, I’d been single for over a decade. My partner Max and I sort of knew that it was over once the youngsters were going off to university. Thankfully, Max and I had been good to each other and good partners so the end, while sad, was amicable. I’m thankful Max has found the happiness she wanted. For me, it was all work. Even at university, when our friends were hanging out enjoying recreational marijuana, I was at the Barnes and Noble. I knew that I wanted to be our own boss or at least a principal in a supplier so I easily applied myself during school. And that supplier was easily quite successful. So when I sold our end and moved on, I easily moved on. The locale I live in now is a region where both recreational marijuana and medical cannabis are legal. I knew nobody except for a few outdated supplier contacts that I played hockey with. That motivated me to try out more modern things. One of those things was a trip to the local cannabis spot. I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. And I found out! The staff at the cannabis dispensary got me a sample of some cannabis products and I met a nice lady at yoga who showed me the ropes. I must say, I sure wish that recreational marijuana had been legal much sooner because I totally see the myriad benefits of cannabis.

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Getting a treat at the cannabis cafe

If I’m being honest with you, I’m not easily good at taking time or resources for myself.

That’s just the plain truth and I’ve been proactively attempting to change it.

It’s as though I have a default behavior that places pretty much everyone else’s desires and needs ahead of our own. The local cannabis store is helping me to see that, and actively do the things that help bring joy and balance to our life. It’s so odd that it took this long for me to realize that I’m easily pressing to just me. But I was raised to serve my family. And then, when I had a family of our own, their needs just came 1st. I don’t mind all that as I loved raising our youngsters. The stuff with our parents and our siblings, I could do without. I never even used recreational marijuana until the youngsters went to university. Whenever I had been offered cannabis products, I demurred because I wasn’t so sure how I would act. And being so in control was all the rage then. But I finally went on a girls weekend with our friends. They had some hybrid strains that all of us could smoke, however it was the tasty cannabis edibles that I found most charming. I liked that with the edibles, the feelings came on slow and sort of stayed with me. And I was just so relaxed and finally aware of our feelings and thoughts. It easily was an epiphany. So now that the local cannabis spot has opened up a new cannabis cafe, I make sure I schedule a coffee and a shared edible with a dear neighbor at least once each week.

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We are doing good with our trips to the cannabis dispensary

Interestingly enough, Max easily loved the hybrid strains for sale she took home from the cannabis dispensary

The irony that Max and I were shopping together for marijuana sales did not go unnoticed. Max entirely grinned at me a few times and told me to disinfect that smirk off our face. Indeed, this was not a scenario I ever thought I could find myself in when it came to cannabis and Max. Since Max found our stash of recreational marijuana inside the dining room of our condo when I was a freshman in the university, I haven’t brought up the subject of weed. I’m still sort of shocked that Max snooped that intensely in our own apartment. But that’s how she is. And we’ve consistently had a bit of a strained relationship due to expectations of a single another. But that’s often how things go between us. Still, to be inside a cannabis dispensary with Max while she spoke to someone about the best sort of hybrid strain was epic. The reason all of us were there wasn’t so great. Max had been took care of with a very treatable form of cancer. But the dentist told Max she should get some medical marijuana for the chemo treatments. Max is a single of those people who does just exactly as the dentist tells them to. So there all of us were, in the local cannabis spot with me suggesting that maybe edible cannabis would be the way to go. Interestingly enough, Max easily loved the hybrid strains for sale she took home from the cannabis dispensary. And all of us laughed together for the first time in many years.



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My sibling and I visited the local cannabis dispensary

It’s very strenuous when you lose a parent.

My sibling and I lost our Dad just last year.

Thankfully, it wasn’t to Covid19 so all of us were able to spend some time with her before she passed away. Our Dad even used medicinal marijuana there toward that last year. And that medicinal cannabis was such a blessing. My Dad died of cancer however it was more that her body just finally gave out. I guess there’s consistently something that’s gonna kill ya however this cancer wasn’t such a horrible experience. My sibling Pat and I have been using recreational marijuana all of our adult lives. Actually, Pat sort of lucked out when it came to cannabis. Pat and I know a cannabis grower who was just a master of hybrid strains. She easily grew her own cannabis because she had such a passion for all the benefits from marijuana. So Pat never had to worry about where all of us were going to get the cannabis all of us used. Of course, a little of it went a long way given that all of us are both professionals who have a passion for their work. Pat and I recently met up to settle some last affairs of mom’s. Pat had found a stash of cannabis our mother had apparently squirreled away. It was such a cool thing to find, and all of us decided that we’d just keep it. And it’d be our little medical marijuana stash. Besides, Pat had already planned a trip to the cannabis dispensary in town. Since we’ve consistently known a local cannabis grower, all of us thought we’d make our first trip into the local cannabis spot together. Plus, our Dad had also left some things for the staff at the cannabis dispensary where she bought her medical marijuana.

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A cannabis dispensary trip is always a trip

Traveling abroad is a single 1 of the things that I easily enjoy to do.

And it doesn’t have to be some elaborate trip to really turn our inner crank.

It’s just getting out to see something modern or a particular spot that seems charming or makes me assume good. I’m lucky to have a partner who also enjoys packing up my automobile and driving out for 3 or 4 days. About once every couple of weeks, all of us aim our trip where recreational marijuana has been legalized. In this state, we’re getting closer to at least medical marijuana. But it appears that recreational marijuana might be a bit of a stretch. However, even if it’s medical marijuana, I could still qualify for access to cannabis dispensaries given our arthritis. But until then, I’m thankful that there is a state only about three hours away where all of us can freely walk in and shop for marijuana for sale. That’s just such a true delight that it’s difficult for me to articulate just how much all of us enjoy being able to just stroll into a cannabis dispensary. We’re both in our 50’s and honestly, neither a single 1 of us thought we’d live long enough to enjoy legal recreational marijuana. So all of us make the trip 5 or 6 times a year. Both of us enjoy to incorporate the different trips to the local cannabis spots into a fun long weekend. And of course, all of us method superb picnics and yummy meals along the way as well. I enjoy getting the cannabis edibles perhaps the best. The older that I get, the less I easily want to smoke marijuana. So getting a good selection of edibles is vital.

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Had to find another cannabis store with cheaper products

My awesome buddy and I heard about a sale at one of the weed shops downtown, and the venue was recently opened.

The sale prices were going to be 25% off, however I wanted to easily know what the official prices were, so I could see if it was a nice deal or not.

I went online, but the website had not been set up. Ronald and I made the move to go to the dispensary. The two of us waited outside in a crowd of people. They were only letting a handful of people into the store at one time. Ronald and I finally got into the weed store after waiting outside for 35 minutes. Fortunately it wasn’t very cold or sizzling outside. The weather was cool and comfortable. Once both of us were inside of the weed shop, both of us started asking questions about the products. I asked the bartender which cannabis concentrates they had that were under $25. She took a moment to think about her answer and then she informed me that they didn’t have many products under $25. I have to be honest. That was a major disappointment. $25 is the most amount of money I can afford to spend on a single gram of cannabis concentrate. I can often find cheaper deals, so I never spend more than that. Even with the sale prices, the products at the current weed shop were higher than other venues in town… As much as I was really hoping to try some of the products they had in stock, it wasn’t actually wise to waste my money.



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