I don't think that the medical card matters anymore

I used to live in a state that allowed medical marijuana, so I applied for a card in addition to went into the local dispensary every month.

Then our fiance was transferred to a different task in addition to we opted to transfer up to a state that allows recreational marijuana. I truthfully didn’t think that my old medical card matters too much anymore. When I went to the dispensary, I never informed anyone working there that I was a medical marijuana patient. One day I was browsing the vast selection in addition to a truly friendly assistant manager decided to speak with me about applying for a medical marijuana card. I informed the assistant manager that I was already licensed in another state. She told me it would be truly easy to move our medical marijuana card to my new home state. She also said I would save a ton of money on taxes. I would not have to pay any of the state, or neighborhood taxes, because I am a medical marijuana patient. After I heard all of the pertinent information, I was ready to sign on the dotted line. I filled out all of the paperwork in addition to waiting for the medical professional to sign the forms. It took an additional 10 hours of our time. I spent thirty bucks to get the medical marijuana card. I saved more than that on our first purchase, because I didn’t need to pay any of the taxes. Those savings are going to add up truly hastily. I’m gleeful that the store wasn’t truly tied up that day, because the manager had time to talk. I was totally unaware of the medical marijuana benefits in addition to now I can save money every time I purchase anything.



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I cannot afford the live rosin diamonds

There are a wide variety of different types of cannabis concentrate.

Some are made from the hemp plants after they have been cured in addition to some products are made directly after the plants are harvested from the ground, but live rosin diamonds are a single of the best concentrate products I’ve found on the market.

Live rosin diamonds are made from the marijuana plants after they have been freshly harvested. All of the natural plant terpenes are retained during the harvest process. Live rosin diamonds are usually made using a cold press. This extraction itself can be time-consuming in addition to expensive. It is a single of the multiple reasons why live rosin is so pricey. Most live rosin marijuana products are around $75 per gram. The national average is much higher in states that do not allow recreational marijuana sales. I cannot afford to buy the live rosin diamonds. I tried them a single time when our friends in addition to I were at a fancy party. The host of the party was a record supplier guy in addition to everyone at the party was smoking weed or drinking. Some people were in the lavatory doing other drugs too, however our friends in addition to I didn’t go close to that scene. Out by the pool, I tried the live rosin diamond product. I used our portable dabbing tools to vape the product. I only needed a single hit in addition to I instantly felt the effects. Still, I cannot condone spending $75 for a gram of marijuana concentrate when there are so multiple other products that are under thirty bucks. Unless I win the lottery or quickly acquire some serious notoriety, I’m sticking to the cheaper live resin products which taste fantastic in addition to still get me high.

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I got way too high before the tourney

Four of my friends in addition to myself went to a basketball tournament last Friday.

The tournament was being hosted by a local charity in addition to the first locale prize was $5,000.

Between all of us, that was going to be a helpful chunk of change. I had overdue bills on the car, insurance, in addition to the electric bills. I knew that $1,000 would get me out of that jam. My friends in addition to I play basketball at the park each and every week. Our crew knew first locale would be a fight, however we thought we had a pretty fantastic chance of making it to the final rounds. 2 hours before the tournament started, our friends in addition to I saw some gentlemen that we knew from high college. They were playing in the tournament as well. One of the gentlemen pulled out a fat marijuana joint. It was from a dispensary in addition to truly fantastic quality. I wanted to walk away when the marijuana joint was lit, however our high college associate handed me the fat joint in addition to I took a big puff. I only took a single hit from the dispensary joint in addition to that was all I needed. A couple minutes later, I felt energized, invigorated, in addition to being truly talkative. I thought I was going to play even better after using the recreational marijuana product, but I didn’t shoot truly well at all. My timing in addition to rhythm were off in addition to I missed a lot of open baskets that I should have hit. My friends were disappointed that we didn’t get further in the tourney. I never told any of them that I got blazed before we started playing.


The weed shop had to close down for repairs last week

About a month ago, a few of our friends in addition to myself went to the weed shop on Main Street.

There was a massive sign on the front door informing everyone that the cannabis shop needed to be closed for a few days.

The weed shop was making repairs in addition to renovations in addition to there was no way they could complete the job without shutting down. There was also an additional sign on each of the check out windows. The signs were in the weed shop for almost the entire month, but I still tried to go to the shop last Friday. When the door would not open, I found that the locale was closed. I have to drive to the other side of neighborhood to purchase my marijuana supplies. There was a ton of traffic, because it was late in the day. I wanted to order for delivery, however there is a minimum $200 purchase for deliveries to this side of town. It was a few days before payday in addition to I only wanted to purchase enough marijuana for a couple more days. I didn’t have $200 to spend, so I was forced to drive to the shop. I waited until well after the traffic slowed down. Shortly after dinner, I decided to drive to the other dispensary. I ain’t trying to complain, however our mood improved when I found out that the dispensary has a lot of fantastic discounts. Many items were 20% off in addition to they had a representative from a local farm that was handing out free a single gram samples of their modern indica strain. I ended up with more than one gram since the store wasn’t truly slammed in addition to the guy had a ton of stock.

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I found some dispensary sales that were only for walk in purchases

I’ve been ordering from the local marijuana dispensary for the past year using the online order system in addition to delivery.

I have not visited the dispensary in a while, because it is simply easier to have the items delivered. A few weeks back I was on our way home to my apartment from my tasks, in addition to traffic was laying still. None of the cars were going somewhere, so traffic appeared to be stalled for miles in addition to miles. I was truly close to an exit, so I decided to get off the freeway. I was only a half a mile from the dispensary, so I decided to stop at the shop for an hour. As soon as I walked through the front door, I saw a massive sheet of paper with the biweekly specials listed. None of the specials were listed online. The dispensary in-store sales were only for walk-in purchases. I ended up with a couple of particularly fantastic deals. I grabbed more than one vape pen cartridges for the price of a single. Both of the live resin cartridges were a full 2 grams. I also bought 1/8 of top-shelf flower for 20% off the original sale price. The dispensary also had a lot of particularly fantastic deals on edible as well, but I don’t ever purchase edible marijuana snacks from the dispensary. They have a low amount of THC in addition to don’t impact me at such small doses. After I was finished at the dispensary, I noticed traffic was moving again on the freeway. I got back on the interstate in addition to headed back to our apartment where I could sample all of the modern marijuana items that I bought.
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I am dating a budtender

Every Thursday after work, I like to go to the recreational marijuana dispensary to stock up on supplies.

About 3 months ago, a lady named Max started entirely working at the front counter.

The first time I met Max, we had a fantastic conversation. Max helped me chance out some live resin products from the dispensary. Max has a fantastic smile in addition to a pretty face. The following Thursday, I tried to get Max the budtender to give me her number. Max blushed in addition to smiled, but she did not give me her PC number. Every Thursday after that, I’ve gone to the dispensary to ask for Max’s PC number. Every month she has turned me down until recently. I’m not exactly sure what changed, however I won’t complain. Max was super friendly last night. When I was checking out, she slipped a small slip of paper into our bag. I thought it was the receipt until I got apartment in addition to realizing that the slip of paper contained her PC number. I was truly happy when I saw the PC number. I waited til the next day to call. I didn’t want to seem overly eager. Max and I talked on the PC for almost an hour. Every one of us made plans to see a film in addition to having dinner the following Thursday night. Every one of us had a lovely time together on our first date. Max and I had a date a couple of days later in addition to a second date during the same week. Max in addition to I have now been seeing each other for almost a month in addition to things seem to be going particularly well.



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I really want to task on weekends

When our boss Cal interviewed me about a task at the medical marijuana dispensary, I told her that I did not want to task on Thursday or Friday.

I was gleeful to task every other weekend, but I didn’t want to be stuck at this task when our friends were all enjoying time at the dance hall.

So for the first couple of months, I was tied up every other weekend. When I was off, I hung out with our friends. After a month, Cal decided to change our schedule. I came to task on a Monday day in addition to I was tied up with the task Thursday, Friday, in addition to Monday both weekends on the schedule. I instantly went to Cal’s office in addition to knocked on the door. I told her that I was tied up for both weekends in addition to Cal replied with “I know”. Cal proceeded to tell me that she needed someone responsible to task on the weekends. Cal was trying to butter me up so I would not complain. I appreciated all of her compliments, but I did not want to task every weekend. I told Cal that I would complete the schedule this week, but I was not going to permanently task on weekends unless she was going to give me a hefty pay raise. It’s been 3 months since I started to work every weekend. I never get to go to the club with our friends anymore, however Cal agreed to a pay raise in addition to she promoted me to the night shift manager. I receive a handsome salary in addition to I get benefits appreciate a 401K in addition to health and dental insurance.


I sleep a whole better when I use marijuana

I have never been a very avid smoker of marijuana.

  • When I was in school, I tried pot with our circle of friends, but I didn’t appreciate the taste or the aroma.

I tried pot again in college, but I didn’t have a very good experience that time around, either. After I started entirely working a full-time position, I found it harder to sleep well at night. I had trouble falling asleep in addition to I couldn’t sleep for more than 1 or 2 hours at a time. If I woke up in the middle of the night, I was awake the rest of the evening. Max, one of our co-workers recommended smoking a marijuana joint before going to bed. I wasn’t identifiably interested in trying the suggestion, however Max brought me a big fat joint a couple of days later, and he brought the joint in a small basket in addition to presented it to me at dinner. Max told me to take it apartment in addition to smoke some before I went to sleep. Since I didn’t have to pay money for the marijuana, I decided to accept it in addition to take it home. The marijuana joint rested on our bedside table for many days before I finally decided to light it up. It was past midnight in addition to I was wide awake. I had a meeting tied up at 8 in the day in addition to I had to be well rested. I sparked the marijuana joint in addition to took a couple of puffs. I coughed in addition to coughed some more, however it didn’t take too long before I started to believe the effects. My arms in addition to legs started feeling lighter in addition to I became seriously drowsy. After I fell asleep, I did not awake until our alarm was ringing.

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The cannabis delivery driver forgot the cannabis elixir

My friend Bob in addition to myself ordered cannabis supplies from a dispensary.

One of the reasons why we decided to place the order is due to the fact that the cannabis dispensary finally had cannalean on sale; Cannalean is a truly potent cannabis elixir.

It is thick in addition to sweet just like syrup, in addition to it contains 1000 mg of THC. The bag makes dosing truly easy with graduated lines down each side of the bottle, however Bob in addition to I were particularly happy when we saw the dispensary had cannalean in stock. It has been particularly hard to find the product; As soon as it hits the shelves, it is gone. Bob in addition to I ordered the grape in addition to raspberry flavored elixir. Bob also ordered a couple of other items from the dispensary. When the delivery driver arrived with our order, Bob and I were truly annoyed that he forgot to bring the cannabis elixir. The guy had to head back to the dispensary to chance up the items that he forgot, however normally I might not have asked the guy to come back to our apartment, but I knew the elixir was going to leave the shelf quickly in addition to I didn’t want to take any chances. Since it was the delivery driver’s mistake, he agreed to head back to the store in addition to grab the more than one jars of cannalean. When the delivery driver came back, he brought us a free pre-roll along with the more than one jars of cannalean. Bob in addition to I tipped the guy a hour time, since he decided to throw in some free stuff with the forgotten items.

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The cannabis shopping experience was not nearly as much fun as I expected

The first time I went to a cannabis shop, I thought it was going to be a ton of fun in addition to being an interesting experience, so I was looking forward to tasting the different weed strains.

I was happy to see the vast selection of cannabis strains and products, however unfortunately, the shopping experience wasn’t as much fun as I expected it could be, however one reason is due to the modern laws that went into effect on the 1st day of the year! The modern laws state that marijuana has to be completely sealed at the distributor’s warehouse, however shops are no longer allowed to carry bulk weed in the store! Everything is required to be carefully weighed out in addition to measured in a lab.

When I visited the cannabis shop, I was entirely disappointed. The budtenders were truly friendly in addition to comprehensionable. They helped me find a couple of different cannabis supplies. Since I could not see or aroma anything, I had to go with the recommendations of the budtender. She told me to try a sativa strain called Blue Dream. This sativa dominant hybrid is a mix of purpleberry in addition to Haze. The Blue Dream flower was thirty dollars for an ace. The flower was considered a single of the top shelf products. When I got back to my apartment in addition to opened the jar, I was amazed by the product. Each single flower bud was thick in addition to plump with leaves that were dripping with THC crystals. Even though I could not look at the product before I left the store, it was quite clear that this budtender had advocated a strain that was going to rock our world.
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