What is a THC tincture?

When I go to the marijuana dispensary, I typically buy the same few products every time I go.

I don’t really venture out much.

Ever since the first time I went to the dispensary, I have purchased the same edible products. The last time I was at the dispensary, the budtender suggested that I try a THC tincture. I confessed that I actually did not know what a THC tincture was. Budtenders are experts on the products and do a great job of teaching what each product is, so he took this as an opportunity to teach me all about THC tinctures. He told me that a tincture is produced through the process of soaking cannabis in alcohol and straining it. He told me that tinctures are great because they are convenient, discreet, and have precise dosing. Additionally, they work very quickly. To use the tincture, you just place a few drops under your tongue and then wait around 30 seconds before swallowing. However, it is important to start with a lower dose and adjust the amount until you reach the level of impact that you desire. You can swallow the tincture, but it will just take longer to kick in if you do. It turns out that tinctures are on the newer end as far as THC products go, so it’s not super uncommon to be unsure about how to use them. After hearing the rundown from the budtender, I felt prepared to give the tincture a try.

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