The bug problem was getting out of hand

I’ve never had problems with bugs or pests on our farm, but the last couple of weeks things have been bad! Bugs almost destroyed our last crop of marijuana plants, but i had bugs all over the plants.

I could not spray any pesticides, because I have an organic farm.

I tried everything possible to get rid of the pests in an all natural way… When I thought I was going to lose our crop, I decided to hire a farming consultant, and farming consultants are easy to find, because the consultants work all over around here. Farming is a major industry as well as 77% of land owners have farming crops in their field. Because the bug problem was getting out of hand, I was worried about the harvest of marijuana. I had $50,000 tied up in the Harvest as well as I could not afford to lose a single penny, and the farming consultants met with myself and others a few afternoons after I made the call. The guy travels from the city out to the farm country so he could entirely get a wonderful look at the problems that I was encountering, once the farming consultant saw the bug problem, he had a ton of ideas to get rid of the bugs… He told myself and others that these particular bugs are really an invasive species that were here from China, then although they can be strenuous to remove, once they are gone, they do not usually come back again. The guy proposed a solution of water as well as organic chemicals to get rid of the pests once as well as for all.


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