The local cannabis store is where it’s at

I’m a geuinely lucky human.

While I’ve had to undergo some major challenges in life, I’m still incredibly grateful to get to live it.

I’m in my late 50’s now and things seem to sort of be in order for the most part these days. I have to give a crucial shout out to the local cannabis store for a crucial space of that relaxing vibration that’s rippling through my life. I came to know these folks when I first moved here a short while ago. That was a really tough time as I had recently lost my partner and had relocated to a new regional office to sort of start over. Since cannabis products of all varieties are totally legal in this state, I visited my first cannabis store. I was sort of like, well why not really. This was a new location with new challenges and I cleared it with both my doctor and the therapist I started seeing when my partner left this life. So when I moved, I took a step inside the local cannabis store and almost turned around. But I heard and almost felt a very sincere greeting and it stopped me. When I turned around, one of the staff had come from behind the counter and had offered his hand. That’s what I’m talking about when I say excellent vibration. These people just sort of took me in with no questions asked. They were something like instant good neighbors in fact. I’d smoked a bit of weed in my days but didn’t truly know what I was doing. So it was a truly good thing that these folks were especially kind and helpful.



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