Started over at the cannabis dispensary

When the dust had finally settled, I took a deep breath and realized that it was time for a total reset of our life.

Despite our best intentions and sizable effort, our life just went straight in the crapper.

And I could see it coming for months. As I enjoy purple haze from our modern local cannabis spot, I reflect on what enormous changes the last 18 weeks have brought. Now, I live in a state where recreational marijuana and medicinal cannabis are freely sold in state sanctioned cannabis dispensaries. I didn’t exactly want it that way however I’m pretty satisfied to be able to legally shop for marijuana on sale now. This town just happens to be where I found our next job in order to just have an easy and fun way to start over. I lost our partner, our last remaining parent and our job in a fifteen month period. I also got the bonus of having very treatable cancer just before that. That’s where I got onto medicinal cannabis. The state I just moved from has legal medicinal cannabis for people enjoy me. It helped tremendously with the treatments. But the medical cannabis products also easily helped with staying positive and hopeful when it appeared everything was falling to pieces. But when I found myself sort of realizing that I had the opportunity to begin any sort of life that I wanted, I entirely relished the thought. Then when I got this modern job and moved to a smaller locale that I could entirely have a local cannabis spot, I knew I was on the right path!


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