My sibling and I visited the local cannabis dispensary

It’s very strenuous when you lose a parent.

My sibling and I lost our Dad just last year.

Thankfully, it wasn’t to Covid19 so all of us were able to spend some time with her before she passed away. Our Dad even used medicinal marijuana there toward that last year. And that medicinal cannabis was such a blessing. My Dad died of cancer however it was more that her body just finally gave out. I guess there’s consistently something that’s gonna kill ya however this cancer wasn’t such a horrible experience. My sibling Pat and I have been using recreational marijuana all of our adult lives. Actually, Pat sort of lucked out when it came to cannabis. Pat and I know a cannabis grower who was just a master of hybrid strains. She easily grew her own cannabis because she had such a passion for all the benefits from marijuana. So Pat never had to worry about where all of us were going to get the cannabis all of us used. Of course, a little of it went a long way given that all of us are both professionals who have a passion for their work. Pat and I recently met up to settle some last affairs of mom’s. Pat had found a stash of cannabis our mother had apparently squirreled away. It was such a cool thing to find, and all of us decided that we’d just keep it. And it’d be our little medical marijuana stash. Besides, Pat had already planned a trip to the cannabis dispensary in town. Since we’ve consistently known a local cannabis grower, all of us thought we’d make our first trip into the local cannabis spot together. Plus, our Dad had also left some things for the staff at the cannabis dispensary where she bought her medical marijuana.

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