Getting a treat at the cannabis cafe

If I’m being honest with you, I’m not easily good at taking time or resources for myself.

That’s just the plain truth and I’ve been proactively attempting to change it.

It’s as though I have a default behavior that places pretty much everyone else’s desires and needs ahead of our own. The local cannabis store is helping me to see that, and actively do the things that help bring joy and balance to our life. It’s so odd that it took this long for me to realize that I’m easily pressing to just me. But I was raised to serve my family. And then, when I had a family of our own, their needs just came 1st. I don’t mind all that as I loved raising our youngsters. The stuff with our parents and our siblings, I could do without. I never even used recreational marijuana until the youngsters went to university. Whenever I had been offered cannabis products, I demurred because I wasn’t so sure how I would act. And being so in control was all the rage then. But I finally went on a girls weekend with our friends. They had some hybrid strains that all of us could smoke, however it was the tasty cannabis edibles that I found most charming. I liked that with the edibles, the feelings came on slow and sort of stayed with me. And I was just so relaxed and finally aware of our feelings and thoughts. It easily was an epiphany. So now that the local cannabis spot has opened up a new cannabis cafe, I make sure I schedule a coffee and a shared edible with a dear neighbor at least once each week.

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