Feeling a little better with help from marijuana

For over a decade, it seemed as if our trajectory was a single of a slow, stressful spiral to the bottom.

The bottom of what, I can’t say.

But it scared me something fierce to consider what that bottom was. Working was too hard, our partner left me for someone else and I easily just felt completely unconnected. That was until I forced myself to accept an invite to the cannabis cafe. My coworker Max who was just such a nice lady had sort of reached out on a couple of occasions. But with our marriage collapsing and the fact that all of us worked for the same corporation, I was hesitant. Then, I got a text and a picture of the neatest and most charming spot a single could imagine for a cannabis cafe. It was right around the corner from the local cannabis spot. While I had tried cannabis products a few times in our life, I wasn’t what you’d call a recreational marijuana user per se. But there was something so dear about Max’s effort to share a moment of bliss and joy with me. Max didn’t have to do that since she knew that I was struggling and might be a drag. So I went with Max to the cannabis cafe and ended up feeling what smiling was enjoy again. That was such a superb morning. It also made me remember how balancing cannabis products can be great for our head and heart. That won’t be the last time I’m at the cannabis cafe or the local cannabis spot for that matter. And it very won’t be the last time I ask Max to join me this time.

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