Cannabis and stand up comedy are such a winning combination

After civilization opened up again after COVID, everything was different.

A lot of the locales where I used to head for fun were closed now, or back in a diminished capacity.

I had gotten used to being alone through the pandemic, and adore a lot of other people just didn’t regain a raging desire to reignite a public social life. Things are spine-chilling in a post-COVID world, which is why it was so shocking to find a fun current locale to hang out, then one of the local cannabis dispensaries had the truly brilliant system of opening a smoker’s lounge, and to keep it hopping with fun things to do every night of the week. They host an open mic night for stand up comics 1 night a week, however it became so popular it expanded to 2 days every week! It seems that cannabis, vape pens, edibles, and stand up comedy are a perfect match. Even the most mundane of stand-ups are guaranteed to get a few laughs, just because the entire audience is blitzed on a few grams of Purple Haze or Blue Dream. The comics job for free, just for the exposure, and the cannabis dispensary unloads large amounts of cannabis to the live crowd. The lounge at the cannabis dispensary only fits about eighty people comfortably, and usually isn’t full to capacity. They also have a karaoke night, although I have learned firsthand that booze is a far better conduit to karaoke than cannabis. There is always something fun to do at the lounge, and even on the off nights there is still a cannabis dispensary to give entertainment.

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