A discovery at the local cannabis spot

When I retired I did more than just leave the biz I spent our adult life building.

  • Once that chapter of our life was over, I decided I wanted to reinvent our whole life.

But I have to say I was surprised at how much I loved smoking cannabis and cannabis products. Prior to retirement, I’d been single for over a decade. My partner Max and I sort of knew that it was over once the youngsters were going off to university. Thankfully, Max and I had been good to each other and good partners so the end, while sad, was amicable. I’m thankful Max has found the happiness she wanted. For me, it was all work. Even at university, when our friends were hanging out enjoying recreational marijuana, I was at the Barnes and Noble. I knew that I wanted to be our own boss or at least a principal in a supplier so I easily applied myself during school. And that supplier was easily quite successful. So when I sold our end and moved on, I easily moved on. The locale I live in now is a region where both recreational marijuana and medical cannabis are legal. I knew nobody except for a few outdated supplier contacts that I played hockey with. That motivated me to try out more modern things. One of those things was a trip to the local cannabis spot. I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. And I found out! The staff at the cannabis dispensary got me a sample of some cannabis products and I met a nice lady at yoga who showed me the ropes. I must say, I sure wish that recreational marijuana had been legal much sooner because I totally see the myriad benefits of cannabis.

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