Using cannabis appears to be highly beneficial

Research has basically shown that cannabis can treat chronic pain… I never actually agreed with the research from the start, so I did not let my doctor talk me into using marijuana when I experienced chronic pain from Crohn’s disease.

The doctor wanted me to try medical marijuana for a long while, even though I never agreed until after I checked out a documentary about medical marijuana.

The documentary showed all of the interesting studies that have been performed on cannabis, however cannabis has been proven to be an effective plan to treat a number of issues, including sleep disorders, PTSD, glaucoma, epilepsy, and even anxiety. There is also evidence to show that marijuana can lower opioid use. The documentary was informative and helpful. It opened my eyes up to a lot of unusual possibilities. After discovering more information about medical marijuana, I went to the doctor and we discussed medical marijuana and depth. After that I went to a treatment facility that prescribed marijuana as a treatment. I can go to the pot shop to purchase any of the products, although I can also use the delivery service. I prefer to use the delivery service, because it is fairly simple and discreet. The delivery driver has arrived in an unmarked car and I never have to leave the condo or be bothered about one of my nosey neighbors finding out that I use marijuana. In this actual area, gossip travels and I actually do not want everyone to be talking about my personal business. People in this section of the country still have the impression that pot is a gateway drug.

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