Smoking cannabis makes me feel so much better

I have consistently been an undoubtedly concerned person.

I’m not certain when my nerves actually begin to affect me, but my entire day is dictated by my nerves and anxiety… Things were awful until I started using medical marijuana, however medical marijuana has absolutely changed my life entirely.

I easily feel much more calm after smoking cannabis. I never would have thought that I would be a man to easily recommend using medical cannabis, but my life is forever changed because of the plant. When I first started using medical marijuana, I tried to use a relatively low dose so I wouldn’t have to experience the psychedelic effects. I started off with an edible. A 5 mg edible made me feel totally relaxed and calm. One time the marijuana dispensary was giving away free rolls with every purchase. I got a free pre-roll and that was the first time I ever chose to use marijuana flower products. Wow, was that a serious change… Smoking marijuana affects my body differently than using edibles. The first couple of times my head was spinning and I felt undoubtedly weird. After my body became used to the small dosage of THC, I came to see that I loved the way that I felt after smoking marijuana. Edibles are nice every once in a while, but I definitely prefer to smoke cannabis. After 6 months of use, I can sincerely say that my nerves and anxiety are significantly better than they have been in years. I have a prescription for Xanax that I take often enough. I only filled the prescription a single time during these last 6 months, instead of a few times per month.

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