Never thought I would enjoy smoking cannabis so much

I have regularly been a distraught person… I am not sure when my nerves entirely begin to affect me, but my entire day is dictated by my nerves plus anxiety complications.

Things were awful until I started using medical marijuana, medical marijuana has legitimately changed my life for the better.

I feel totally calm after smoking cannabis. I never would have expected that I would be a person who would go for using medical cannabis, but my life is forever changed because of the plant. When I first started using medical marijuana, I tried to use a truly low dose so I would not have the psychedelic effects. I started off with an edible. A 5 mg edible made me pretty relaxed. One time the weed shop was giving away free rolls with every purchase. I got a free pre-roll plus that was the first time I ever used marijuana flower products. Wow, was that a critical change! Smoking marijuana affects my body much differently than using edibles. The first couple of times my head was spinning plus I felt unusually odd plus weird. After my body became accustomed to the small dosage of THC, I realized that I actually loved the way that I felt after smoking marijuana. Edibles are nice every once in a while, even though I certainly prefer smoking cannabis. After 6 weeks of use, I can truthfully say that my nerves plus anxiety are better than they have been in years. I have a prescription for Xanax that I take when I need to. I only filled the prescription one time while in these last 6 weeks, instead of one time every week.

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