Lifestyle change gets a lift with trip to the local cannabis spot

I think that I knew this was all sort of inevitable.

My doctor and my wife and been after me for years to take better care of myself.

But I wasn’t interested in making the sort of changes that would ensure better health. After a health scare, I realized that I had to do what it took to embrace a new way of living. Thankfully, I took the advice of a friend who’d been through the same thing and got myself to the cannabis dispensary. Where I live, both recreational marijuana and medical cannabis are legal. That makes accessing cannabis products no big deal. This fact still sort of blows my mind. I think back to the days when I smoked a good amount of recreational marijuana. That behavior would have continued into my adult life had it been easier to get and legal. But I just wasn’t up to losing my job and all I’d worked for over a marijuana possession conviction. These days, that’s just not at all a concern and it’s helped me commit to being my best self. My friend had also gone through a health situation that got his attention. But he tried and tried to change but would give up after a few weeks. That is until he did some research and found that sativa and indica products might help him embrace all the changes. Well, it worked for him. And after almost 6 months of huge changes, it’s working for me. Adding the sativa strains and the indica products have helped both body and mind accept and eventually enjoy living a balanced, healthy life.

Cannabis dispensary