I wasn't going to tip more than twenty bucks

I met a new girl online and we hung out for the first time on Friday night.

I went to her place, which is over by the beach.

As soon as I arrived, she started talking about ordering some items from the recreational marijuana dispensary. I didn’t even know the girl smoke weed and she wanted me to spend my money on marijuana. I let the girl add some items to the cart and I picked up a couple of things as well. One of the products that I got was a half ounce of top-shelf OG Kush. I was pretty excited about the top shelf OG Kush and it was one of the only reasons that I decided to order from the dispensary. I was pretty bummed out when the delivery driver forgot my bag. He had everything except the OG Kush. I refused to pay for any of the items until the guy returned with the rest of my order. He honestly looks surprised, like he wanted me to cancel the remainder of the order. When the driver came back to the apartment with my order, I wasn’t going to tip him anything at all. I had already given the guy 20 bucks from the first time that he was there and I certainly didn’t think he deserved any more money. The girls thought I was being cheap and she accused me of being a fraud and being a shark. I thought I was being pretty nice when I offered to buy recreational marijuana supplies for the girl with my hard-earned money. When she bit my head off, I took everything in the bag and left.


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