I wasn't going to say no to a free gram of concentrate

My wife and I went to the dispensary to purchase a couple of grams of cannabis concentrate.

We decided to purchase one of our favorite brands.

The brand has really great live resin shatter, batter, and live rosin. My wife and I added several items to our shopping cart. When we reached the counter, the budtender informed us that they were having a special on the products that we purchased. The shatter and concentrate products were BOGO for a penny. Instead of paying $31 for each one of the grams, we only spent $15 each after the sale. We were only allowed to get to specials per person, but that was all we needed. My wife and I walked out of the dispensary feeling like we robbed the place. We got such a good deal on all of our recreational marijuana supplies that we decided to use the savings to go out for a nice dinner. We went to a Greek restaurant that has the best gyros in three states. When we got back to the house after going to dinner and the dispensary, we decided to open one of the Indicas. I picked out a strain called raspberry gushers. It didn’t smell like raspberries, but it had a very fruity taste. It also had a really nice high feeling. I wasn’t too tired or groggy, but my legs and arms felt weightless. It was a great way to end our day and the joint after dinner helped both of us sleep soundly and peacefully. Both of us woke up the next day feeling refreshed.