Hope and joy comes from the cannabis dispensary

The fact is that up until this past year, I really had no conception of what happiness really was.

There were the depictions on TV.

But I also knew that those were a bit contrived and comparing my life to stories made for mass viewing wasn’t real. Still, I had spent my whole life struggling with depression. My first trip to the cannabis dispensary changed all of that completely. These days, I find plenty of hope and joy thanks to those trips to the local cannabis spot. All the meds I’ve taken for depression over all these years just didn’t do much of anything for me but keep me going. There’s something to be sad for that. At least I wasn’t hiding in the bathroom of my house all day. Still, I wanted to feel a smile on my face and experience real, pure joy. Once I started with the holistic therapist, it was the cannabis products she recommended that kicked off this whole new phase of my life. The sativa strains are what really have made the difference. The folks at the local cannabis spot have been so great about helping me hone in on just the right sativa products to help me. And these kind people at the cannabis dispensary are also always on the lookout for new cannabis strains that are best for my condition. The fact is that marijuana has allowed me to go deeper into my therapy than ever before. And the sativa has sort of lifted this veil of fear and trepidation about life that I’ve had with me since I was small. I see now what happiness really is.
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