Had to find another cannabis store with cheaper products

My awesome buddy and I heard about a sale at one of the weed shops downtown, and the venue was recently opened.

The sale prices were going to be 25% off, however I wanted to easily know what the official prices were, so I could see if it was a nice deal or not.

I went online, but the website had not been set up. Ronald and I made the move to go to the dispensary. The two of us waited outside in a crowd of people. They were only letting a handful of people into the store at one time. Ronald and I finally got into the weed store after waiting outside for 35 minutes. Fortunately it wasn’t very cold or sizzling outside. The weather was cool and comfortable. Once both of us were inside of the weed shop, both of us started asking questions about the products. I asked the bartender which cannabis concentrates they had that were under $25. She took a moment to think about her answer and then she informed me that they didn’t have many products under $25. I have to be honest. That was a major disappointment. $25 is the most amount of money I can afford to spend on a single gram of cannabis concentrate. I can often find cheaper deals, so I never spend more than that. Even with the sale prices, the products at the current weed shop were higher than other venues in town… As much as I was really hoping to try some of the products they had in stock, it wasn’t actually wise to waste my money.



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