Free samples make the whole world happier

There was a representative in the dispensary last week and the guy was from an edible cannabis gummy manufacturer.

I’ve had edible gummies in the past.

The flavors are decent, but the Cannabis Edibles only come in 5 mg tablets. For a daily pot smoker like myself, 5 mg Edibles is a joke. It takes at least 50 or 70 mg of cannabis for me to feel any effects at all. My girlfriend and I went to The Dispensary on Saturday when there was a sale on edibles. The representative from the gummy company was in the dispensary that day. The guy was giving away free samples of a brand new product that had a much higher THC count then the traditional gummy. The representative allowed us to choose between three different flavors that he had available. One flavor was blue raspberry and another was great. The third flavor was an orange and pineapple mixture. The flavor of the edible gummy was pretty good. It tasted more like licorice than a gummy, but I would never complain about the texture. For me, it’s all about the medicinal high that I get from the product. Even at 40 mg, I still didn’t feel much at all from the edibles. Free samples make the whole world happier, but free samples that actually help my body are even nicer. One day I will find a gummy that is made for someone like me with a very high tolerance for THC. Until then, I’ll stick to concentrates and cannabis flower products. They get me high for the least amount of money.


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