Even though I couldn’t get any Blue Dream, I got something nice

Blue Dream is a sativa marijuana strain.

Blue Dream is a powerful sativa blend of Purple Haze & blueberry.

Blue Dream is a single of the products that can fairly easily be found in a dispensary. I have never been to a recreational weed shop that did not have at least a single product that contained the sativa strain blue dream. Blue dream can be found in the flower form. It typically has THC percentages at approximately 20 or 25%. Blue Dream can also be found in concentrates such as batters, shatter, & live resin. One of my favorite products from the weed store is a live resin concentrate that is a mix between blue dream & Granddaddy Purp. It has an absolutely nice calm & excellent feeling that doesn’t make me overly fatigued. I was hoping to purchase Blue Dream from the weed store last week, but they were out altogether. I thought about going to a different dispensary, however I was pressed for time that day & I was trying to get all of the errands out of the way before I had to go back to the office the next day. The budtender saw that I was aggravated about the lack of my favorite strain, and he provided several different marijuana strains that were easily cozy & he also easily offered to give me a discount to make the price closer to the product that I wanted. I tried a strain called Super Silver Haze. The Strain has a single of the same flavors as the blue dream strain & the THC percentage was quite a bit higher. The price for the marijuana flower wasn’t really that much more than the product that I would have respectfully purchased to begin with.
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