My Mom started to use medical marijuana

My Mom has typically had quite a bit of chronic pain due to different troubles that he has with his back & his joints, and recently, Mom has started taking medical marijuana to help him manage the pain.

  • When he first started using it, I thought that our Mom was crazy to stop taking all of the prescription medications that he was on from his doctor, he just wanted to beginning using medical marijuana instead & I didn’t think if that was a unbelievable idea or not at that point.

I thought at that point that all of the prescription meds that he was on were really much better for him than marijuana! But then I started to do some research & I learn a whole lot about medical marijuana in a short period of time. I found out that there are a whole lot of reasons to switch over to medical marijuana instead of the guy made pain medications that our Mom had been dealing with, then medical marijuana basically has no side effects at all. That’s the opposite of the other meds that he had been taking! His other medications had all kinds of side effects & they were absolutely affecting his quality of life. He was sleepy all the time & the meds made him feel prefer he had no energy at all… Now that he is using medical marijuana instead, he has more energy & he is feeling much better. He absolutely prefers the effects that medical marijuana is having on his chronic pain. He seems so much better now & he’s only been using it for a couple of weeks.

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