Balance come with cannabis products from the cannabis dispensary

I’ve never exactly been a mellow person.

Really, there is nothing wrong with being a bit high strung.

That’s just the way some of us are built. However, I took that high energy & dang near rode it into the ground. Thankfully, I was introduced to the wonders of cannabis. When I had tried recreational marijuana a few times in college, it just actually didn’t do anything for me. Perhaps it was the THC triumphant of the marijuana all of us purchased. For all I know, all of us could have purchased & smoked a bag of oregano. Regardless, I just never experienced any sensation from the recreational marijuana I tried back then. That all changed after a heart attack at 43 that led to a complete overhaul when it came to my lifestyle. Gone were the 73 third work weeks & all the other added stress. It was tough to just be still for me. A neighbor started taking myself and others to yoga & that was looking like a awful plan after my few couple of attempts. So she took myself and others to her home prior to yoga 1 morning & all of us shared a cannabis edible that she gets from the local cannabis spot. It was like flipping a switch for me. Suddenly, I was so into just being quiet & letting the world slip by. That yoga session was just so amazing. I could actually feel my body as my mind was quiet & all my focus was on feeling the poses. I’ve since incorporated trips to the local cannabis spot in my weekly errands. Life is just so much more balanced with the help I get from sativa & indica products.

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