Trying out some edibles

My husband & I went to the recreational marijuana dispensary on Saturday.

  • There was a worker in the lobby from a company that sells cannabis edibles.

The representative was giving away free samples of their new line of edibles. In order to qualify for the free item, I had to spend $25 on any of their other products in the store. I browsed the selection of flower items they had available. I found a couple of strains that looked interesting. I purchased some Blue Dream and Purple Haze. I spent enough cash to qualify me to get a free product from the company worker. My husband decided to buy some products as well. He purchased some cannabis oil that he could vape on the go. Since they had a couple of new products to choose from, each one of us chose a different strain for our free product. That allowed us to try numerous products from the same vendor. My husband & I were impressed with the products from the distributor. The new edibles are going to be a large hit. They have a wonderful taste. There was peanut butter, chocolate, strawberry, mint and a lemon flavor that I remember. I ended up choosing more of a fruity edible while my husband stuck to chocolate. We choose to do a cake or cookie form. There were gummies, mints, sprays and gums available if we didn’t want a typical baked good though. I never realized how diverse edibles are. There really is something for everyone.

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