Smoking during the concert

I love listening to the radio.

My friend and I share a car. We can share the costs of gas & repair & it’s nice to carpool with a friend. We have relaxing conversations in the daytime on our way to work. When my friend & I were on our way back home last Monday, all of us were listening to our preferred rock radio station. They were having a contest to win free concert tickets & I started calling as soon as the special radio tunes began to play. I was the second caller, 20th caller, & then finally caller 99. I won two free tickets to the concert & the seats were in the fourth row. Of course I had to take my friend with me to the concert. Not only is the guy my best friend, but he loves the band. The concert was last night. We went together. All of us took recreational marijuana supplies with us to the concert locale. I had a vape pen with a brand new cartridge. The Blue Dream cartridge was a live resin strain. My friend & I puffed on the vape pen all night until it finally died in the middle of the concert. I certainly expected the battery to last a lot longer than it did. When the concert was finally done, my friend & I looked forward to going back to the car to smoke a marijuana joint. It really made the concert better. Smoking weed always makes me more relaxed and creative.
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