Moving to a better location

My best friend and I decided to move away from our house to a place where recreational and medical marijuana is allowed; We had to transfer a few miles away from our house to find a place like this. So my Dad plus his partner were not thrilled that I moved plus they were absolutely uneasy that marijuana was the reason why, however I did not want to get into trouble for using recreational marijuana. It did not make sense to feel worried plus upset all the time about getting caught, when there were perfectly okay sites for the numerous of us to live! My friend was the first woman to request moving! She found out that she could leave her job to a different village in a weird state. One of the sites she could transfer to was a legal state for marijuana. She put her transfer paperwork in with the head of the supplier plus a couple of weeks later she was selected for the job, but that’s when I told our Dad plus his p that the two of us were going to move. I had a little bit of money saved and plus I used all of that money to help with the move. My girlfriend and I found an apartments that is affordable plus close to lots of public transferation. There is a recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary only 5 miles from our site. We will legitimately be able to have recreational marijuana delivered to our front door. We no longer need to worry about getting busted for buying weed from a contractor or a street vendor.

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