It was a safer way to handle my pain

I felt the change immediately

Medical marijuana is both safe and effective. Medical marijuana can be used to treat a number of mental and physical issues. One of the primary reasons why the government decided to approve medical marijuana was for the treatment of seizures. There are lots of people that use medical marijuana plus absolutely few of them actually deal with seizures… Doctors can prescribe medical marijuana for several reasons. One of the greatest reasons is pain assistance. Medical marijuana has proven to help with pain management management in 95% of people versus a placebo. I used to take a pain pill every afternoon for our back. The pain pills weren’t helping plus I doubled up on the dose. When the pain pills weren’t helping any longer, I amped up again. I was taking 20 pain pills a afternoon for a year before I had an overdose. The overdose was accidental. I took a handful of pills plus forgot. I took another handful of pills 10 min later. I woke up in the emergency room. I passed out at home. The doctor told me it was time to make some changes. She recommended going with a different treatment option. The doctor sent myself and others to a medical marijuana facility plus I stayed for a week. When I was fresh from the pills, the treatment center started me on a weekly regimen of medical marijuana. I felt the change immediately. The pain was about half and I had other side effects that were helpful. The use of medical marijuana has helped our anxiety plus nervousness. It has also plus most importantly helped me stop my bad habit.

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