I love the sale day

People all over the world celebrate marijuana on the same day each year. This holiday on April 20th, is known as 420. 420 is synonymous with the marijuana world. It is known as the time to rest down and relax plus have a smoke. On April 20th of each year, the local marijuana shops have a sale, giveaways, and lots of fun plus prizes, but last year the dispensary offered away a prize pack worth more than $500. If you obtained $25 worth of items on 420, then you received a free entry form for the prize pack, but none of our friends or myself ended up winning, but every one of us scored some absolutely great deals on live resin concentrate that day, but everything in the dispensary was 25% off plus they had several live resin concentrates trains that were also buy one plus get one for half off. I consistently save money for the 420 day, so I can go wild plus buy all of the weed that I won on the afternoon of the sale. Last year, I spent almost $400 between different marijuana shops. I ended up with a bin full of free stuff, because I spent enough money to qualify for the prize packages. I went back to the house with a free ounce of marijuana, a current glass bong, rolling papers, and a gram of concentrate. I also got a free shirt that afternoon. This year every one of us are going to the city, where the marijuana products are cheaper plus the sales will be even better. My best friend and I are planning to stop at every shop.


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