I can relax because of the cannabis

For me it isn’t about getting high, it’s about my health.

I have always had major issues with sleep, from sleepwalking and talking to full blown night terrors, and even some bouts with insomnia from time to time.

Trying to go to bed at night was torture for me. I tried a lot of OTC meds to help me sleep, but those drugs never helped in any meaningful way. I had a lot of stoner friends at the time, and one of them told me how he never remembered his dreams, because the cannabis muted them so much. With that in mind, I tried smoking cannabis just to see what would happen, and it led to the best night of sleep I ever experienced. The next day I got on my computer and started doing some research, because I needed to learn more about cannabis to find out how it would be most beneficial. The first thing I learned is that I wanted to stick with indica strains of cannabis, which is what my neighbor had given me. Sativa strains produce a more alert, clear-headed high, which was quite the opposite of what I needed! Once I had a baseline knowledge of what I was looking for I went to the cannabis dispensary to get some expert advice from a pot professional. He talked to me about weed strains, and then a lot of other options that I didn’t know existed, like CBD oil, shatter, salve, and edibles. It’s great to have options, because cannabis has proven to help my mental health.


Sativa strains