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I roll my own joints at home.

  • I pre-roll because it is cheaper than buying the marijuana joints in the dispensary.

I buy the smallest papers available & I fill them up at my home with a variety of odd marijuana strains. I like having a couple of joints rolled & ready to go. Anytime I leave the house, I take a marijuana joint with me. I didn’t have any marijuana joints rolled when my husband & I decided to go to the state park for the day. It was a quick trip & I had not been to the dispensary yet. All of us decided to stop at the dispensary about an hour away from the state park. We looked online for the locale with the best prices. All of us found one particular dispensary that had great prices on all of their products. The prices were so low that the shop did not offer any delivery services or choice up, and you could not order ahead. All orders had to be placed in person after standing in line at the dispensary. My husband & I stopped & I was blown away by the cheap prices. It was relatively cheap to get all of the products that my husband & I would usually purchase. They had at least 30 different types of concentrate that were under $25. I had never heard of some of the strains. My husband & I bought a super silver haze pre-roll infused with Blue Dream Live resin. All of us also purchased a 5-pack of infused marijuana joints. Everything all of us purchased from the dispensary was top quality. My husband & I enjoyed all of the products.

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