Got him back to smoking again

My friend Bill used marijuana a long time ago. He hung out with his friends & they smoked marijuana. They drank a lot of liquor back then too. My friend has lots of stories about the time when he was younger. My friend was quite a hellrazor before he went into the Navy. He had a whole career in the military & he did not leave until they forced him to retire. These days, my friend sits at his house and plays around with his tools. The guy is an electrical genius. He can take something apart & rewire it completely in a matter of seconds. My friend’s been feeling quite down lately & I told him to start trying medical marijuana to help. My friend truthfully didn’t know a lot about medical weed. I have been a patient for a year, so I had some information on it. My friend was still not convinced. Last Saturday when I went to the dispensary to pick up my typical order, I decided to get a couple of marijuana joints to take back to my friend. I got a 5-pack of infused pre-rolls that had Indica flower with a hybrid live resin infusion. I also got my friend a 5-pack of infused pre-rolls that were sativas. We smoked one of the hybrid joints while I was there. My friend started to feel loopy after 5 or 10 minutes. He clearly forgot that marijuana has such a quick effect. My friend looked more relaxed than I have seen him in many years at least.

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