Got a really good product

My wife and I went to the recreational marijuana dispensary on Friday.

There was a rep in the lobby from a supplier that sells cannabis concentrate products.

The representative was giving away free samples of their new live resin cannabis product. In order to qualify for the free item, I had to spend $20 on any of their other products in the store. I browsed the selection of products they had available. I found a couple of items that looked neat. I obtained a gram of live resin batter concentrate. It was $30 for a gram. I spent enough cash to qualify myself and others to get a free product from the supplier rep. My wife decided to buy some products as well, so she could get a gram of the cheap stuff as well. Since they had a couple of new products to choose from, each one of us chose a weird strain for our free product. That allowed us to try numerous items from the same vendor. My wife plus I were impressed with the products from the distributor. The current strains are going to be a huge hit. They have a great feel and are filled with natural terpenes. I can actually taste the nutty taste and limonene that are in some of these strains. The process they are using to extract the live resin absolutely helps keep all of the plant’s natural flavors in there. The live resin concentrate products taste almost as great as a frigid water rosin product. They absolutely worked difficult to make this concentrate a immense success for the supplier plus it actually shows.
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