Glasses, a fridge and legal weed are on my list

I have a lot of things on my list.

I need to get my glasses updated. I haven’t been to an optometrist in over ten years. When I tried walking in to get new glasses, I wasn’t even allowed due to how old my last appointment was. I am going to need to see the eye doctor. I need to research and buy myself a new fridge. My current one is much too small, has no water dispenser and I want glass shelving. I have to research a new fridge, sell the old one and get the new one in place. It is going to be a mess. Last on the list is getting myself some weed. I can’t sleep at all due to menopause. After researching online I found that weed can help with hot flashes. Not only can they lessen the severity of the hot flash, but they can reduce the amount you have. Marijuana also has been linked with helping a person sleep. It calms the mind, relaxes the body and gives people the eight hours of sleep they need. I love that cannabis can double dip for my issues. Getting my hands on it won’t be easy. My state doesn’t allow for recreational cannabis. I need to do the medical marijuana process. I have to find a doctor that can prescribe medical weed and make an appointment. I need to fill out paperwork, pay a fee and then wait for my card too. After all that time, effort and money, I still will need to find a cannabis dispensary and what product I want for my issues. That is a daunting task on my list.