Glad we made the trip

Each week I like to check out all of the sales & specials at the local marijuana dispensary.

Each week the shops have new sales & they rarely advertise.

I only find out about the sales & specials if I go online & look at the website. My preferred store puts new specials online every Monday afternoon. This Monday I was up early & I got the first look at the specials & sales. The dispensary didn’t have anything that looked wonderful, so I decided to look at all of the other dispensaries in town. The dispensary out by the mall is about 20 miles from my home. When I looked at the sales & specials last week, I found out that the dispensary by the mall was having BOGO sales on all of their flower products. The deal was only relaxing in the dispensary. I could not order for delivery & take advantage of the sale. I called my best friend to see if he wanted to take a ride out to the mall with me. I told the guy about the sales & specials & he agreed to join me. It took 30 min to drive to the dispensary location. My friend & I listened to music the whole time. When all of us arrived at the dispensary, all of us were happily surprised to see a company representative car in the parking lot. The dispensary was having BOGO sales, however they were also having sales on many of the edible cannabis products. The edible company had a representative inside of the dispensary & they were giving out free samples with any purchase. We got quite a few samples.

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