Glad we could vape at the concert

My best friend and I were on our way back to the house from work the other day and every one of us were listening to the radio.

My friend was driving plus I was in the passenger seat.

We change who is driving to work. One week she will drive every afternoon plus the next week it will be our responsibility to drive everyday. We can share the costs of gas and maintenance plus it’s nice to carpool with a buddy. We consistently have great conversations in the morning on our way to work. When my friend and I were on our way back to the house last Sunday, every one of us was listening to our favorite rock radio station. They were having a contest to win free concert tickets and I started calling as soon as the special radio rock n roll began to play. I was the fifth caller, 20th caller, plus then finally caller 99. I won numerous free tickets to the concert plus the seats were in the 4th row. Of course I had to take my friend with me to the concert. Not only is the woman our best friend, but she is a big fan of the band. The concert was last night. We went together. We took recreational marijuana supplies with us to the concert arena. I had a vape pen with a brand new cartridge. The Blue Dream cartridge was a live resin strain. My friend and I puffed on the vape pen all night until it finally died in the middle of the concert. I absolutely expected the battery to last a lot longer than it did. When the concert was finally done, we smoked one more joint.

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