Glad I changed to medical weed

I grew up in a harsh household.

  • My father drank all the time & he was mean.

He often physically abused me. My dad finally left when I was 15 years old. After that I went to a therapist to talk about my feelings. I didn’t open up to the therapist until I had been a patient for 3 months, and when I did finally open up, I started taking an antidepressant. I was suicidal. I was surprised & sad. The antidepressant made me feel even more distraught & depressed. After taking it every day for 3 weeks, I was filled with rage & sadness. I felt way worse than I did before taking the pill. I stopped taking the medication. I didn’t want to take the medication anymore due to it being addictive as well. I suffered for a long time before I found medical marijuana. In college, I started using recreational marijuana with my buddies. When I realized it could entirely help my mental state, I went to a doctor to get a prescription. It didn’t cost much cash & the doc got me a script for it. That script allowed me to purchase products from the dispensary. I feel much more calm & relaxed after I smoke weed. My life is much better now that I have medical marijuana. I worry a lot less & I have less stress & anxiety every single day. I prefer to smoke late at night right before I go to sleep. It calms me down enough where I don’t have nightmares.

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