Changing to a CBD oil in order to sleep

A pil isn’t healthy long term

Medical marijuana is both safe & effective. Medical marijuana can be used to treat a number of mental & physical illnesses. One of the main reasons why the government decided to approve medical marijuana was for the treatment of chronic pain. There are millions of people that use medical marijuana & day to day pain is the reason why. Athletes, older folks and just daily aches and pain in normal people are the customers. Another one of the biggest reasons is sleep. Medical marijuana has proven to help with sleep in 95% of people. I used to take a sleeping pill every day for my restlessness. The sleeping pills weren’t helping & I doubled up on the dosage. When the sleeping pills weren’t helping any longer, I doubled up again. I then got tired of dosing and not having any relief. Working out, eating right and relaxing at night didn’t help me sleep. I was desperate. A friend of mine recommended trying medical marijuana in order to sleep at night. You can smoke it or ingest it. I put CBD oil in my cup of tea every night. It mellows me out and relaxes me. There is a tiny bit of THC in there so sometimes I get really fun. I am really glad that I made the change though. A pil isn’t healthy long term. The CBD oil is cheap, easy to get and safe. The CBD part comes from a plant, how bad can it be? I might even up my dose on it soon.

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