Changing from pills to weed

In university, I started using recreational marijuana with our buddies.

I grew up in a violent household. My father boozed all the time and he was physical. Dad often physically abused my siblings and I and our mother. My Dad finally left when I was 15 years old, however after our Dad left, I went to a shrink to talk about my feelings. I did not open up to the therapist until I had been impatient for three weeks. When I did finally open up to the shrink, she told my mother that I needed to start taking an antidepressant. We were suicidal. My mother was surprised and sad. She ordered that antidepressant from the doctor and picked up the prescription the next afternoon. The antidepressant made myself and my mom feel even more uneasy plus depressed. After taking it every afternoon for three weeks, I was filled with rage plus sadness. I felt way worse than I did before taking the pill. My mother told the doctor that I stopped taking the medication. She advocated against that, but our mother did not want me to take the medication anymore either. I suffered for a long time before I found medical marijuana. In university, I started using recreational marijuana with our buddies. When I realized it could actually help our mental state, I went to a doctor to get a prescription. It did not cost much money and the doctor certified me on the same afternoon. That certification allowed me to purchase products from the dispensary. It was a smart move on my part to change to weed after all these years.


Medical Cannabis Cards