Taking a wine and cannabis dispensary tour

The older I get, the more things seem possible.

  • Had you suggested that I might go on a cannabis dispensary tour, I might have had to check my passport.

The idea of going on a wine and weed tour was just completely out there. And yet, that’s exactly what my wife and I are getting ready to do on our next vacation. Frankly, it sounds like potentially one of the best vacations I could even imagine taking. And yet, touring cannabis dispensaries and wineries doesn’t require a passport any longer. Thanks to some sensible legislation, we are now in a country where, for about half of us, some form of cannabis is legal. Our vacation destination is actually in a region where both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are both legal. That makes my wife and I so happy. We’re still living in a state where there is no legal form of cannabis product other than CBD oil. But that’s not going to last much longer as medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are on the legislative docket in our state. The last election cycle really sort of woke the state house up a bit. I imagine that we’ll have legal cannabis is a few years at the most. In the meantime, we simply travel to the legal destinations and make a fun trip out of it. The closest place to us is about 4 hours away which isn’t too bad. But this trip for the wine and weed tour is going to be the best. We’ve also set it up so there are these awesome restaurants and natural wonders to see along the way.


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