Never was able to get quality cannabis back in the day

College was a mixed tote of positive & downside experiences.

I actually had small classes with teachers that learned your name, however the social environment was suffocating at particular times.

All of us had fewer students in the whole school than what I had in my public high school, although I assume that’s what I should have expected going to a liberal arts school. I didn’t really have the feeling that I was part of a clique, however it surely felt like that by the time I became a sophomore & noticed that there were distinct social webs that had formed within my space unbeknownst to me. I’d say a single of the only positive things about school outside of my academic experience was the access to drugs such as cannabis & psychedelics. I had a couple of friends back then who regularly knew the proper people to get quality weed & mushrooms or acid. These days I’m only interested in cannabis, however back then I was willing to experiment. At times we got what was labeled as “medical marijuana,” however those batches paled in comparison to the true medical cannabis that I get at medical marijuana stores in our state today. You can ask for the finest marijuana strains that test out over 30% THC with up to 5% or 6% terpenes as well. A great deal of people suppose that the THC level is the most important thing of all, however as long as it is over 20% you should worry more about there being a high terpene percentage instead. On top of that, cannabis flower products are most often enjoyed when they are fresh. Anything older than several weeks might be degraded & no longer as potent as fresh cannabis flower buds. It’s not very easy to get the freshest cannabis on the black market unless you honestly know a grower personally.

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