My disabled father uses CBD was a pain relief supplement

Before his disabilities, my father was an extremely active man.

He played amateur hockey in local leagues until he reached his early 40s, and then he started hiking on a weekly basis.

I don’t think anyone expected him to succumb to a work injury, especially given his sense of safety and care when he’s working in the logging teams at his place of employment. It crushed his resolve and his determination towards life. How do you tell someone who is merely middle aged that they essentially have to give up on life like a person twice their age? The idea of it is inconceivable to me on a moral level, but that’s what happened to my dad like it or not. At least these days he gets enjoyment out of life by caring for a small rabbit that I helped him get last year. The rabbit doesn’t require very much work and he’s able to cuddle it as much as he likes. For pain, my dad has been using a potent CBD supplement that gives him strong relief. It’s a full spectrum CBD product that has other cannabinoids and terpenes inside, and he gets it on the internet from a company in Oregon. Their products are grown in greenhouses and then the hemp flowers are extracted in facilities on site. It’s a great company to get CBD and hemp products from if you’re looking for strong doses at reasonable prices. I have purchased CBD rosin from them before and enjoyed the effects, although I much prefer THC products myself. It’s nice to see that my dad is getting benefits from the marijuana plant, even if it’s just through the CBD cannabinoid.


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