Thankfully, I keep a blanket plus a flashlight in the trunk

I grew up in the middle of farm country, and all of the roads were dirt or gravel, i l earned how to drive on a mountainous road with steep sides on each shoulder of the road; My Dad plus dad always told myself and others to be well prepared in every situation, when I started driving, our dad warned myself and others to always keep a blanket, flashlight, plus flares in the car.

In the event of an emergency, these items really come in handy.

I had an emergency last weekend. I was laboring at the marijuana dispensary. I had a delivery order going out to the country. It was very wet plus rainy. My vehicle was slipping plus sliding all over the arena. I really need modern tires. I started sliding on the road plus I hit the brakes. As soon as I hit the brakes, the vehicle started to slide. I couldn’t stop myself from heading towards the ditch. I hit the bottom of the gully plus the impact was severe. I hit our head plus the airbag deplotted ! There was no a single on the road at that time of the night. Thankfully I had plenty of power in our cell PC. I contacted the marijuana dispensary plus I told our boss that I was stuck in a ditch, and she sent another driver to assess the situation. The driver was in a truck plus the girl had a tow rope, she hooked the rope to the back of our vehicle plus pulled myself and others out of the ditch. I had grass plus mud in the fender, but the vehicle still drove just fine even after the crash.


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