Having a blast with old friends and some cannabis products

I’m not sure who exactly proposed it but man, am I ever cheerful that they did.

For the last 15 years or so, a group of us from school have tried to organize reunions.

But it’s regularly the same people who responded and it’s not that sizable of a group. Most of that group, ironically, used recreational marijuana when we were in school. It was a small, private school that frowned on cannabis so perhaps that’s why we all came to assume each other. Anyway, since we couldn’t generate enough interest from our other classmates, we just kept getting together as a group. And we’ve sort of moved the reunions around a bit. This time, it was proposed that we do a marijuana corporation tour as an interest. Well, everyone was onboard with that method and that’s just what we did. I was part of the planning and I was able to find a great cannabis grower who also had a cannabis dispensary there onsite. That meant we could tour the marijuana corporation and then purchase things from the cannabis dispensary as well. It turned out to be just the best trip ever. All of us chartered a bus and had almost 50 people attend. The cannabis grower allowed us to set up a picnic spot in a gorgeous vista spot as well. The cannabis edibles were by far the winner when it came to the favorite of that reunion. Let myself and others tell you, that was the most fun dinner I’ve had in years and years. Word has already spread to friends and family so this looks appreciate something I’m going to get to do on more than a single occasion.


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