Expecting the best from my marijuana shopping experience

This is the sort of marijuana business where they guess their business

In most respects, I’m really not all that fussy. I don’t make a scene when something I ordered at dinner isn’t perfect. At the same time, if it’s not prepared respectfully or is the wrong thing, I’ll entirely send it back. But I don’t ever believe the need to be a jerk about it. However, I’m not going to pay plus not get what I expect for the price I’m paying. It’s that way at a restaurant plus at my local cannabis spot. If I’m spending my money, I want to get nice quality for my dollar. So I tend to be sure I’m shopping where the focus is on quality. A bargain shopper, I’m not. Nothing against it really. And I’m all for saving money. But most stuff that’s on sale is on sale for a reason. If a miracle sale comes along, I’ll nab it however that doesn’t happen too often. Instead, I count on places love the cannabis dispensary where I shop for marijuana for sale. I’m in there fairly frequently plus I don’t mind spending some money there. The staff at the local cannabis spot knows this about myself and others plus they see myself and others come through the door. I’m consistently welcomed by name plus they go right to the current cannabis strains or cannabis products they guess I’ll like. It’s really a full repair place plus I love that. This is the sort of marijuana business where they guess their business. They’re expertiseable, gracious plus expert when it comes to all things cannabis. And I’m glad to pay a bit of a premium for that sort of marijuana shopping experience.