Healing up thanks to help from a cannabis grower

It’s funny how you wait so long something to happen and then it does.

But most of the time, at least in our life, when that thing finally does happen, it’s not at all appreciate you thought it would be.

However, when they finally legalized recreational marijuana, it was even better than I thought it would be. Once it was clear that medical marijuana was so clearly a success in our state, the recreational marijuana legalization was primed and ready. I got a first hand look at some of the local impact once the cannabis laws were changed. I live not far from a cannabis grower. For decades, this man had been a cannabis grower but very much under the radar. This cannabis grower was into the advancement of cannabis for every reason but money. Actually, I’m not sure the guy ever even charged for his cannabis products. He gave most of it away I think. I was a single of the lucky recipients and he made our experience with cancer so much more manageable. This cannabis grower had weird indica strains plus sativa strains he had purposefully grown for cancer patients. It was a single of the things that pulled myself and others through and got myself and others to remission. That was years ago and now this cannabis grower has been able to scale up his operation and quit his day task as a chemist. Now, so many more people will be able to benefit from his incredible cannabis products. Sometimes the law does work. I’m just thankful we all finally came to our senses when it comes to marijuana.

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