Consider it a gift from me to you.

My sister was told that she could benefit from medical marijuana.

She had been suffering from severe anxiety and nothing was working for her.

It didn’t matter what she was given, it either amplified her symptoms or it didn’t work at all. When we sat down and talked about whether she was going to get the medical marijuana ID card, she said no. There was no way she could afford to pay for the special doctor, purchase the medical marijuana ID card, and then pay for the marijuana. She said her best friend had paid out over $300 and that was before she even got the marijuana. I told her that I knew the marijuana would do her good, and I would gladly pay for her to get the medical marijuana ID card. She didn’t want me to be charitable and I told her it wasn’t charity. I wanted my sister to consider the medical marijuana ID card as a gift from me to her. I’m not sure if she was pleased with my offer, but she did promise to consider it. Three weeks later, she called and asked if my offer still stood. I assured her it did, and she told me she would accept. Instead of it being a gift however, she told me she wanted to pay me back. It didn’t take long before she had her medical marijuana ID card, and she couldn’t wait to tell me how good it made her feel. Not only was she feeling better, but very little was bothering her anymore. Medical marijuana was allowing her to get some sleep at night without nightmares.
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