They had three counters of concentrate under $25

My friends and I live in a state where recreational marijuana sales are not legal.

It’s not entirely difficult to get a medical marijuana card, but the prices are out of this world.

I pay at least $50 for a single gram of cannabis concentrate. The price for the same gram of cannabis concentrate in a state with recreational marijuana laws might be half the price. My friends and I went out of town for the weekend and we ended up in a state with legal recreational marijuana sales. We went to one of the biggest dispensaries in the city and the place was unbelievably huge. It looked more like a dance club than a cannabis store. It definitely didn’t remind me of a pharmacy or doctor’s office and that is exactly what the places look like where we live. My friends and I were surprised when the budtender showed us three different counters with concentrate that was under $25. The place even had live resin concentrate under $30. My friends and I felt like a kid in the candy store. We wanted to purchase as much as possible. Since we drove to the location instead of flying, we decided to take the risk. We packed the car with as much recreational marijuana as possible so we didn’t have to buy anything at home for the next six months. We practically got everything for half price and some products were even cheaper. It was stupid to pass up the good deal on cannabis that we found in another state, even if it was less than completely legal.



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