There are actually new laws that will end some small farming with cannabis

Starting on the first of the year, a sizable amount of new swings are going to take effect.

A good portion of the swings do not affect me, but a single of the new laws really does. Honestly, nobody will be able to farm marijuana unless they own a minimum of 100 acres of property. This new law passed with only 51% of the majority. A lot of farmers don’t want to be limited by the size of their land, only the top farmers can afford such a huge portion of property, so it cuts out all of the little guys and leaves us with basically no place to get in on the true profit. The new laws are going to end small farming operations altogether. One of my good friends was speaking about starting a co-op, but I don’t even know how that would work. However, I am willing to try different things, although I don’t want to break the law. I will not continue harvesting or growing marijuana when we are no longer allowed unless there are some swings that will make everything legal. There is a meeting in the neighborhood soon to discuss the coop! Jack was basically saying he was bringing someone from the city area to talk about it with us and cover everything in detail. He believes co-op marijuana farming is the best way moving forward now that the big companies are trying to push out the little guys. There is without a doubt room in this industry for all the people. Marijuana accounts for a good 2 billion dollars each year! Even all the small people should be able to profit from such numbers.

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