The joint could have caused an unrelenting forest fire in the state park

I have worked as a national park ranger for 10 years.

I chose to join the National Park Service, because I was genuinely hoping to make a difference.

I suppose it is truly necessary to save the national parks as I wanted to be a major part of the solution instead of the hurdle. I chose to join the Park Service as a ranger. I cleaned up leaves as well as helped get the parks set up for the tied up season when tourists would regularly visit. Eventually I was able to make my way up the ladder as well as became a ranger employer. Eventually I was promoted to the position of lead forest ranger in that particular park. I am essentially always on patrol at this place. I drive up as well as down the mountain regularly looking for potential concerns that can happen. I had to kick people out of the park recently as well as it was the first time I ever felt agitated as well as pissed off with someone. I came across a few hikers as well as they didn’t seem to hear me walking up. They were enjoying a marijuana joint. Marijuana is sincerely legal in this state, however we do have a bunch of signs all over the park that tell everybody that no marijuana or smoking is even permitted in the park. Forest fires are a major problem, and when these guys heard my footsteps, they ended up tossing the remainder of the marijuana joint into the woods so they would not get caught by me. I made the men go looking through the brush as well as the leaves to recover the marijuana joint. It truly could have caused a significant forest fire. I cannot easily recall a time when I have felt more agitated.

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