The changed laws will end a great deal of small farming operations

Starting on the first of the year, a fair amount of current swings are going to take effect. A majority of the swings do not affect me personally, however one of the current laws does without a doubt. No one will be able to farm marijuana unless they happen to own at least 100 acres of property. The current law passed with merely 51% of the majority. A good amount of farmers don’t want to be limited by the size of their fields. Only the big time farmers can afford a good portion of property, so it absolutely cuts out all of the little people plus leaves us with no place to get in on the action. The current laws are without a doubt going to end small farming operations. One of my pals was talking about starting a co-op, however I’m not even certain how that might actually work. I’m definitely willing to try anything, although I don’t want to end up breaking the law. I won’t carry on with harvesting or growing marijuana after the first of the year unless there are important swings that will make it legal. There is a meeting in town this upcoming month to have conversations about the coop. Jack basically said he was bringing a person from the city to talk about it with us plus explain all of the things in detail. He believes co-op marijuana farming is the best way to go now that the sizable city companies are working hard to push out the little guys. There is most definitely room in this industry for essentially everybody. Marijuana accounts for a couple of billion dollars each year in revenue… Even the little guy should be making money with such numbers.


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